2nd EFTA Conversation – Young Adults, Mental Health and Inclusion (YAMI) a European Project

25 May, 2023 - 18:00 -20:00


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Cecilia Edelstein and her colleagues will discuss the experience of a one-week residential project funded by the European Union, within the context of Erasmus +, which focused on the mental health of young adults, intitled YAMI – Young Adults, Mental health and Inclusion.  Twenty-six mental health care workers (mainly psychologists and psychiatrist) of 5 different European countries (Belgium, France, Greece, Italy – the sponsoring partner – and Spain) participated in the meeting. The meeting took place last November and aimed to create a European network on mental health of young adults.

After exchanging their clinical experiences, the professionals addressed possible strategies to deal with the particular difficult situations of psychological distress, and the more broader daily life of young people in our communities, who have to relate with a difficult world.

The residential seminar resulted in a report (Manifesto) delivered to the European Union, containing 10 key points for the diffusion of a culture of psychological care towards young adults.

The discussion about those 10 points during the “EFTA conversation” will be developed by a team of systemic therapists who participated to the project:

  • Belgium: Gilbert Lemmens – Ghent University, Ghent University Hospital
  • France : Thomas Schwab – IPEC – Institut Pluridisciplinaire d’Études sur la Communication
  • Greece : Valeria Pomini – UMHRI – University Mental Health, Neurosciences, and Precision Medicine Research;
  • Italy: Cecilia Edelstein – Shinui and Cipra
  • Spain: Claudio Fuenzalida — CTI – Centre de Teràpia Interfamiliar

The whole YAMI group is actually working on the further implementation of guidelines developed during the project.

We will speak about it with Umberta Telfener.

Cecilia Edelstein, social worker, psychologist and family therapist, is the director of Shinui – Centro di Consulenza sulla Relazione of Bergamo ( and president of CIPRA – Coordinamento Italiano Professionisti della Relazione d’Aiuto (Italian network of care workers) ( She is the responsible of the European project.

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