Looking through the kaleidoscope: “a European mosaic-MFT crossing boarders”

7-9 September 2023

First European Multifamilytherapy Conference

Multifamily-work has positively grown pretty fast over the past decades in many countries within and outside of Europe. In previous years, conferences have been held under the motto of connecting community orientation and different working contexts (especially schools, family assistance/Social work and clinics), encouraging verbal exchange. This meeting has proven to be helpful. Not only in practical work for the professionals, but also beneficial for the families. Colleagues have been profiting from the exchange beyond boarders on Multifamily-work since it began.
Great examples here are the beginnings at Marlborough Family Center in London the work of Justine van Lawick in the Netherlands and also school projects from Switzerland, Denmark and the UK.
With this years conference, we would like to focus on boarder crossing possibilities and strengthen European interaction. We would also like to explore, which chances develop in regional and sociopolitical contexts.
Furthermore, this meeting should help us work out, how our exchange of experience can enhance the opportunities `for each other – from each other’. The similarities and the solidarity within families` diversity, have proven to be the main effect factors of Multifamily-work. This exact wealth of experience, out of our own work and a vision for the future, is the foundation of our conference ‘Multi-family-therapy’, to which we would like to invite all of you.

If you are interested in our conference as a guest or as a referent who works in the field of Multi- Family Therapy please contact us on http://

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