Le prospettive dell’EFTA: i nuovi orizzonti della terapia familiare in Europa. Intervista ad Umberta Telfener.

dalla rivista "La Notte Stellata"

Interview in italian of Umberta Telfener for the Italian Journal “La Notte Stellata”

We meet Umberta Telfener, family psychotherapist, teacher of the “Milanese Family Therapy Center”, current president of the EFTA (European Family Therapy Association) and author of several scientific publications, to talk about an important topic: the new perspectives of therapy family in Europe.

Umberta Telfener talks to us about the new perspectives of EFTA which have an ambitious objective which in this three-year period, is to go beyond its previous mission, which for many years was the possibility for all members to find themselves within a membership, ‘l ‘to be part of…’ at the European international level.

Today EFTA wants to aim in the direction of a profile focused on training and culture in favor of its members. This will take place through a rich program with the “EFTA Conversations”, where many important names in European family psychotherapy will be the protagonists of online dialogues on Friday evening.

EFTA is also organizing a series of focus groups on relevant topics such as:

• The integration of the practices of the various country members

• Research

• Social and political aspects of psychotherapy the European Family Therapy Association relies heavily on this renewal.

The interview ends with an overview of hyper-modern couples, the subject of Telfener’s publication for about a decade, which highlights how the couple is a complex theme, and how much this is also linked to the repressed which is the social class of couples. In conclusion, Telfener highlights the political and social role of the psychotherapist, who has been lost in recent decades…

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