Caroline Attneave

PhD degree from Stanford

PhD degree from Stanford, become the coordinator of Community guidance services for the Oklahoma State Department of Health. She utilized network therapy for schizophrenic patients with Jay Haley and Ross Speck.  She is considered the most well-known American Indian psychologist. As a descendant of the Delaware Indian tribes, Attneave demonstrated a deep sense of American Indian culture that influenced her career choices in the study of diversity.

Judith Landau: Caroline Attneave, Dick Auerswald and I spent many hours together with Ross and Joan Speck and Harry Goolishian debating their network method of expanding the system only when stuck versus TFT where one starts with the network for assessment and joining and then focuses attention where necessary. One unforgettable event was in the early 70’s at an AFTA conference where during my demonstration role play, Carolyne ran around the periphery alternately encouraging the role players to stay in their current roles, berating them when they didn’t maintain to her satisfaction. I always wished that I see her managing her own network session and can only imagine its power and intensity.

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