Le Conseil d'administration de l'EFTA réuni à Barcelone publie la déclaration suivante:

Nous, l’Association européenne de thérapie familiale, sommes consternés par la violence et l’agression perpétrées par la Russie lors de l’invasion de l’Ukraine. Nous appelons le président russe Vladimir Poutine à retirer ses troupes immédiatement. Cette violation flagrante du droit humain à la sécurité et au bien-être émotionnel aura un impact traumatisant sur les personnes prises dans les combats des deux côtés et sur bien d’autres dans toute l’Europe pour de nombreuses générations à venir.

Nous appelons tous les membres de la communauté de la thérapie familiale à offrir leurs services aux familles de toutes les personnes touchées par ce conflit et à aider à faciliter un dialogue pour la paix et la sécurité à chaque occasion.

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on 12th November 2021

It is with our deepest sorrow that we inform the members of the European Systemic and Family Therapy Community that the Director of the Athenian Institute of Anthropos, Dr. Petros Polychronis, has passed away.

Petros Polychronis, as Director, Teacher and Therapist but also as a unique human being, served and lived by – till the end of his life – his personal human values and beliefs with exemplary consistency as well as those of his mentors and founders of “Anthropos”, George and Vasso Vassiliou, while also taking care to open space and listen to all voices emerging in the Anthropos community process and foster the co-development of novelty in the practice of a systemic view of life.

All these years, Petros nurtured the coleader ship of the Anthropos Scientific Team by cultivating collaboration and co-evolution. His vision of creating a multinuclear scientific network with old and new colleagues and friends connected to Anthropos was of the utmost value to him – a process to which we are dedicated to continue to strive towards.

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Des psychologues européens en soutien au peuple ukrainien

Des psychologues d’Europe, parlant le russe, l’ukrainien, l’anglais et le français sont disponibles pour vous offrir une aide psychologique en ligne.

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6th Volume of EFTA Book series

Describes the history, value, and controversies of manuals. Examines manual use to guide and support systemic couples and family therapies Explores experiences in creating manuals as well as identifies research issues related to their clinical use and evaluation Reports on experiences with internationally established manuals, formulations of innovative practices by their founders, and specifications of […]

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This book examines the significance of the couple relationship in the 21th century, exploring in depth how couple relationships are changing in different parts of the world. It highlights global trends and cultural variations that are shaping couple relationships. The book discusses diverse relationships, such as intercultural couples, same sex couples, long distance couples, polygynous marriages, […]

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