Thoughts on war...

1. Reflection from Umberta Telfener : As Social Justice and Systemic Thinking Task Force we met the first time at the NFTO in Sofia in June 2023, we created a whatsup group and exchanged some “fast” thoughts wondering what to deal with. Too many issues seemed important and focus was needed. Then life took over but right now we decided to start meeting and discussing again regularly. These words are just some reflections on the too many terrible and unjustified wars we are surrounded by.

Few days ago a client of mine posed this question: “Are we more violent compared to Medieval times?” I was stunned since I was questioning myself about the horrors of war in a time of enhanced consciousness: why does a civilized country become violent and destroy others? How can individuals de-humanize and do things that are despicable and they would judge as horrendous in times of peace? I started searching ….

2. Answer from Borislava Metcheva : I read the article carefully and so many thoughts are racing through my head… I am struggling a lot with the idea how we can make sense of what is going on globally so that the way we make sense of it help us see a path forward…
Here are some of my thoughts:
First of all, I am thinking about “conscious purpose” (Bateson) – for how long as societies we were enchanted by this premise and for how long this narrative of “achievement-improvement-more achievement-more ambition-and so on” organized our behavior at large scale…

3. Thoughts by Cinthe Lemmens : I read  both of your contributions, Umberta and Borislava, my systemic colleagues, friends. How good is it not to feel alone, to belong to a large systemic community. Connectivity and exchange as an antidote to apathy, indifference, desensitization, numbness, hopelessness…
Reading your thoughts brings up new thoughts, memories.
It takes me back to the presentation of Lucie Hornova in Sofia, Bulgaria, our latest NFTO-meeting. She (and we) talked about hope and hopelessness, quoting K. Weingarten who says: ‘Hoping is not just a feeling or a noun, hope is also a verb that we can practice. We Do Hope.

4. Thoughts by Petya Varcheva: The written by Umberta and Borislava is strongly resonating in me. Following the flow I feel, I would like to share some of my associations and reflections
I’m also struggling with the question – how we, as humans, have created such a context in which this terrifying violence became possible and so many of us became passive bystanders, supporting with their silence or openly justifying people killing people…

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Bonjour à tous, je suis Umberta Telfener, la nouvelle Président de l’EFTA.

Je suis très honorée d’avoir reçu cette mission qui me tient personnellement très à cœur.

Je suis à l’EFTA depuis 1991, d’abord à titre individuel et à partir de 2010 comme représentante de l’Institut de thérapie familiale de Milan (Luigi Boscolo et Gianfranco Cecchin). Je suis devenue membre du conseil d’administration de l’EFTA TIC en 2016 et, à partir de novembre 2020, j’en ai été la présidente. Maintenant, je vais agir en tant que votre présidente et j’ai l’intention de faire de mon mieux.

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L’EFTA appelle à une aide humanitaire immédiate sous forme de nourriture, d’eau et d’aide médicale adéquate pour les victimes civiles de la guerre.
Nous assistons à une escalade de la violence qui est inhumaine et pleine de rage et de douleur.

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Voici la LISTE des conversations et Research Cafés qui sont déjà programmés. Si vous avez des souhaits ou si vous souhaitez participer par une présentation, merci de nous le faire savoir.

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