EFTA Research Cafe: Score for couples, with Peter Stratton & Alan Carr

13 June 2024
ONLINE 18:00-19:30 CET

We start with a discussion of the potential value to therapists of being able to measure their effectiveness. The research journey make this a practical possibility takes us to a variety of crucial contexts such as the role of SCFT in the wider spectrum of psychotherapies; its status in wider systems such as the cultural and the political; and the potential contribution of outcome data in the acceptance of SCFT in different nations. We then return to the roles that outcome research based on SCORE has played so far in improving the effectiveness of therapists. In reviewing the experiences of users in many different EFTA countries one significant issue has been the limited relevance of the family oriented SCORE when offered to couples. We proceed to describe in some detail an ongoing research project to create a couples version, currently the C-SCORE-26. This project is based in University College Dublin under the direction of Alan Carr and has been supported by small grants from the UK Association for Family Therapy and EFTA. Peter will talk briefly about processes in bringing together the Practitioner Research Network, then Alan provides an account of the work so far which constitutes a detailed description of how a research project can work in practice. Café participants will be invited to offer their ideas about each stage of the work and to initiate discussion around issues that they see arising from the direction the project  is taking.


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