Luigi Boscolo & Gianfranco Cecchin as a team

They traveled together and separately for seminars, congresses and performances.

They traveled together and separately for seminars, congresses and performances while the post-Milan teams all over the Western world were experimenting with their ideas and were meeting to play out new procedures: collaborative working groups, positive connotation, not knowing positioning, the equal stance from every member of the family called neutrality – that meant not to take sides, questions as interventions

Robin Routledge: Luigi and Gianfranco crossed the Georgia Strait on my sailboat.  The weather went rough, and we were tossed about by the sea.  Luigi was in 7th Heaven because he was fishing off the back of the boat.  Gianfranco went below and got seasick.  One of the crew cleaned that up and brought the bucket up on deck telling us we should bottle this because we could sell it for a fortune – it was Gianfranco’s.

Umberta Telfener: Boscolo and Cecchin were soul bodies. They had an incredible non verbal connection that made them always get away with what they wanted. As second generation sometimes we were trying to get through some plan or some innovation in the procedures at the Center. Everytime one would say yes and the other no, even if they were in different places and did not consult. I remember as students we were amazed at how coordinated they were in order to make only the changes they particularly wanted.

Speaking about the two together we need to mention the Virgilio Bar near the Center in Milano. Every single day, after training or consulting with families, whoever was at the Center was invited to join them both at the bar Virgilio, where with a bear or a glass of wine many speculations were taking place. How the day had been going, how the families were proceeding, but also how Milano could be governed better, what solution could the Government of Italy find to solve a disadvantage. The Virgilio Bar became every afternoon a think tank of complexity and hypothesizing, a fun place where to play with one’s ideas. Even very absurd ideas, since the game was one of experimenting with complexity and creativity. Each one singularly  would then pay for what s/he had consumed.

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