Philippe Caillé

M.D. Psychiatrist, couples and family psychotherapist

M.D. psychiatrist, couples and family psychotherapist, trainer, Director of the Clinical Center of Family Guidance in  Oslo, Norway. The first to propose a recursive model that analyzes different levels of human behavior. He has suggested the contemporary observation of the phenomenological and the mythical level of functioning of couples that made him one of the first pioneers to open “the black box” (1974).

Juan Linares:  I wrote a book on depression in Spanish, it came out in 2000. Shortly afterwards I decided to translate it into French and sent a copy of the translation to Philippe Caillé, a colleague I highly respect, who read it and saw that the translation was quite primitive . Philippe generously proposed to me to do the translation, I was very, very grateful to him.

Caillé always talked about his first visit to Spain, in Franco’s « hard » times, the initial ones, hard and dangerous, very austere. He had come to Spain with a girlfriend and he described the embarrassment since, to get a room in a hotel, it was necessary to show the marriage certificate.

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