Reynaldo Perrone

(1940) Argentinian psychiatrist who now lives in France.

(1940) Argentinian psychiatrist who now lives in France; former associate professor at the Faculty of Psychology at the Pierre Mendès-France University of Grenoble, teacher at the University of Savoy in Chambery, director of the Institute for Training and Application of Communication Therapies in Lyon, former doctor consultant at Child Protection in Lyon, Reynaldo Perrone is a psychotherapist in the same city.

Julien Besse: Discovering the systemic approach during my final year of psychology training left such a profound imprint on my life that, a few years later, aspiring to delve deeper into the complexities, I set out in search of a guide. I reconnected with the teacher who had opened the doors to this new world for me. When I asked him for advice on who could provide solid training in systemic therapy, he paused to think. ‘Hmm, I met an Argentine at a conference. He made a strong impression on me. I think you’ll be well-trained with him, if you can survive his thick accent!‘ he said with a hint of humor. In French, we have an expression ‘accent à couper au couteau’, which literally means ‘an accent so thick you could cut it with a knife‘, implying a very strong and noticeable accent.
At that moment, I had no idea that I was about to make a decision that would radically change my life and lead me to the most fateful encounter of my life.
Years later, this master of therapy, known for his ‘accent à couper au couteau’, handed me a knife. As he placed it in my hand, he revealed that this knife might have saved his life, decades earlier, in a dark alley of Saint Etienne, when a stranger tried to attack him. Since then, this knife has regularly found its place, both in my pocket and in my mind, serving as a symbol to defend my territory, my loved ones, and my beliefs, inspired by the strength, courage, and determination of Reynaldo Perrone.

Yara Doumit-Naufal: During my first year at Saint Joseph University in Beirut, there was this French professor who taught third-year and master’s level courses. Only one of his lectures was open to the public. After attending that lecture, I was convinced that one day I would work with him, Dr. Reynaldo Perrone.
At the end of my master’s, I sent him a letter expressing my desire to train at the IFATC and to become one of the pioneers of systemic intervention in Lebanon. However, I mentioned that I did not have the means to finance my travel and training. His response was direct and encouraging: ‘Come, and don’t worry about anything, we will find solutions.’
Since then, I have spent more than half of my life by his side. He has remained true to himself: a committed, honest, and creative person, who dares to think outside the box. When he visualizes a destination, a path unfolds at his feet.

Carmine Saccu: Perrone had opened a center in St Etienne in France. After the conferences we were very party people and he threw wonderful parties. I remember the first time I was at his place and I didn’t know any of his guests. I stood next to the wine barrel pouring wine for everyone and by the end of the evening I knew everyone.

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