EFTA Research Online Café

“EFTA Research Online Café” – what is THAT?!

The EFTA Research Committee (Nevena Calovska (Serbia), Lucie Hornová (Czech Republic), Matthias Ochs (Germany, chair) Viola Sallay (Hungary), Joana Sequeira (Portugal)) wants to invite the EFTA community and all interested systemic practitioners and researchers to the first EFTA Research Online Café – and to start that new format, that will happen every two month, alternating with our wonderful EFTA conversations format!

The idea of the 1,5h “EFTA Research Online Café” format is, that one systemic research expert presents some research results, ideas, topics and discuss this with the participants. The “EFTA Research Online Café” is not a place for boring statistics, for manorial statements out of the ivory tower of academia or for scientific fake news. The “EFTA Research Online Café” is a place for sharing ideas, questions and stimulations regarding different kinds of research in the broad field of systemic work, and to foster the exchange between practitioners and researchers – and practitioner researchers.

In the first “EFTA Research Online Café” (26th Oct., 18.00-19.30h) Matthias Ochs wants to invite you to discuss with him some recent trends in psychotherapy research, such as the new humility regarding effects sizes of psychotherapy, the person of the psychotherapist as active factor for therapy success and why the future of psychotherapy is trans-diagnostical, personalized – and an open road to explore…

The next “EFTA Research Online Café” will take place (announcement of working titles):

  • 7thDec 2023: Viola Sallay: Experience mapping / emotional mapping in systemic qualitative research
  • 1st Feb 2024: Lucie Hornová: Systemic Practitioner Research
  • 18th April 2024: Joana Sequeira, Narrative transformations in therapy: contributions from therapeutic process research
  • 13thJune 2024 : Peter Stratton,SCORE for Couples