International Conference organised by Accademia di psicoterapia della famiglia under the patronage of EFTA


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ATTENTION, ATTENTION. Some hackers use very plausible emails to pretend to be me and ask you for help and money. This is a serious and frequent phenomenon. Know that I don’t go around asking for money, and certainly not to EFTA members, that I only use one email and have no other (please contact the secretariat if you want to know my right email) and that if you open these emails you risk being robbed of your data. PLEASE PROTECT YOURSELF by also protecting the good reputation of EFTA.
ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ, ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ. Μερικοί χάκερ χρησιμοποιούν πολύ αληθοφανείς διευθύνσεις email για να προσποιηθούν ότι είμαι εγώ και να σας ζητήσουν βοήθεια και χρήματα. Αυτό είναι ένα σοβαρό και συχνό φαινόμενο. Να ξέρετε ότι δεν κυκλοφορώ ζητώντας χρήματα, και σίγουρα όχι στα μέλη της EFTA, ότι χρησιμοποιώ μόνο ένα email και δεν έχω άλλο και ότι αν ανοίξετε αυτά τα email κινδυνεύετε να κλαπούν τα δεδομένα σας. ΠΑΡΑΚΑΛΩ ΠΡΟΣΤΑΤΕΨΤΕ ΤΟΝ ΕΑΥΤΟ ΣΑΣ προστατεύοντας επίσης την καλή φήμη της EFTA
Umberta Telfener, EFTA president

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Hello to everybody, I am Umberta Telfener, the new President of EFTA.

I am very honored to have received this assignment which I personally care very much about.

I am in EFTA since 1991, first as an individual and from 2010 representing the Milan Institute of Family Therapy (Luigi Boscolo and Gianfranco Cecchin). I become a member of the TIC Board in 2016 and from November 2020 I was its Chair. Now I will act as your President and intend to do my very best.

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by Umberta Telfener

The “congress experience” in Ljubljana Umberta Telfener[1] A congress is a specific universe where time and space can be suspended and one finds itself each time for the first time, usually not knowing the city in which the Congress takes place. A sort of a bubble where we arrive with what we know, curious of […]

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Participant Feedback & statistics
European Psychologists with Ukrainian people

European psychologists who speak Russian, Ukrainian, English or French offer you psychological support online.

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6th Volume of EFTA Book series

Describes the history, value, and controversies of manuals. Examines manual use to guide and support systemic couples and family therapies Explores experiences in creating manuals as well as identifies research issues related to their clinical use and evaluation Reports on experiences with internationally established manuals, formulations of innovative practices by their founders, and specifications of […]

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