Achilles Procopiou

Was one of Vassiliou’s first students at Athenian Institute of Anthropos

Was one of Vassiliou’s first students at Athenian Institute of Anthropos. He developed an important activity in Greece as a teacher and family therapist. Until the last moment of his life (he passed away in July 2017) he did what he loved, supporting and empowering people. He always used to say: “Whatever I tell you, you should always do what your soul wants…” and would often ask: “For what good reason?”

Αnastasia Sarri: He taught us in the most self-revealing and funny way what it means to reframe the constant periods of self-doubt that a therapist can go through. Here is the story I wish to tell:
“I don’t know what to do with my sadness. I’m afraid I cannot do this job (therapist). I’m a coward.” I once said to him and he answered: “In Systemic Thinking, our weaknesses are our strengths. Constantly questioning yourself is always for a good reason. You know what saved me in my life? This!” and shows us his belly.
I’m laughing and ask: “Why did it save you?”
Achilles answered:  “If I didn’t have this flaw, I would have been destroyed by my narcissism. I had everything I needed, I was young, handsome, a doctor with money and no empathy. The belly is there to remind me of my imperfect nature that connects me to people”.  

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