Research Project on SCORE-15

SCORE-15 has been translated into a range of other languages by practitioners. Translation has been supported by the Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice UK (AFT ) and the European Family Therapy Association. Translation according to our Protocol is overseen by Peter Stratton, Judith Lask, and Reenee Singh. These translations reflect varied cultural contexts and translators have been encouraged to translate the instrument in ways that fit their contexts of practice.

There are likely to be other translated versions of SCORE-15 and these will be placed on the website when they are received so please check regularly if the version you want is not available yet.

If you would like to be in touch with others using SCORE-15 in your language for networking purposes, please use the list of contacts below. In some cases they have other translated material such as a non-clinical version, instructions for administration and a version for children aged 8 to 11 years.

If you wish to suggest changes or submit a new translation please email us. To raise points for open discussion, and to report your experiences, please do join our discussions by emailing .


Chinese version: Timothy Sim

Czech version: Jarmila Tolimatova

English UK version: Peter Stratton , Judith Lask , Reenee Singh

Finnish version: Aarno Laitila , Eija-Liisa Rautiainen

French version: Danièle Wichené

German version: Maria Borcsa

Greek version: Mina Polemi-Todoulou

Hungarian version: Julia Hardy:

Icelandic version: Vigdís Jónsdóttir

Indian Version (in Hindi)

Italian version: Luigi Schepisi

Netherlands and Flemish Belgian version: Gilbert Lemmens

Norwegian version: Heidi Tranoy

Polish version: Barbara Jozefik , Bogdan de Barbaro

Portuguese version: Note this is the SCORE-29 from which the SCORE-15 items can be extracted: Anna Paula Relvas , Margarida Vilaça

Romanian version: Eniko Skolka

Serbian version: Nevena Calovska , Desanka Nagulic

Spanish version: José Soriano Pacheco , Roberto Pereira

Swedish version: Madeleine Cocozza

Transylvanian Hungarian version: Eniko Skolka

Turkish version: Murat Dokur

Welsh version: Judith Lask


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