Albert Sarrò

Psychiatrist – son of Ramon who was a psychiatrist

Psychiatrist – son of Ramon who was a psychiatrist in Freudian times in the Vienna of the first half of the XX century – in 1980 founded the CTFB Institute, systemic pioneer center in Barcelona where he trained the first systemic thinkers.

Carmine Saccu: I met him in 1986 in the intensive course we were holding each summer at the F.T. Institute from 1987 to 2012, for 25 years I held seminars in his Center for Family Therapy in Barcellona. He has been the first to introduce family therapy in Barcellona, after having studied  in Palo Alto. With him we combined work with leisure. Work meant seeing families  and making consultations. Pleasure meant sharing the three “C”: Caracolles (snails); Cagote codd  the Donostiarra way, an atlantic sea fish grilled, then in the oven with some oil; and Calcots a sort of onion cooked on the flame with a garlic sauce. He was not a man of power and he avoided to compete with the other Barcellona Center of the San Paolu University.

Last year he has opened another cultural space. This year in February we have shared a seminar on obsessive compulsive disorders.


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