Edith Goldbeter

Doctor in psychology, Systemic psychotherapist and trainer.

Prof. hon. at the Free University of Brussels (ULB).Director hon.  (1983 to 2022) and creator of the training at the Institute for Family and Human Systems Studies in Brussels.Chief Editor of the Cahiers critiques de thérapie familiale et de pratiques de réseauxDirector of the “Carrefour des psychothérapies” collection, Deboeck, Brussels.
Author of books and articles.

Juan Linares: I met her for the first time in Rome at a conference organized by Andolfi at the Catholic University. I was wandering around a bit lost, I didn’t know anyone. I accidentally attended a workshop of this woman I didn’t know. She asked for volunteers to do a simulation and I offered myself as a therapist. It was the era of paradoxical prescriptions and I organized a nice final intervention. You already worked with Moni Elkaim. We were nice to each other. We then met by chance on the plane, returning from the conference, and I think we became friends for life

When we all left the EFTA Board – Edith, Gigi Onnis, Elida Romano, Marco Vannotti, and I – we thought of a strategy to continue seeing each other, we thought of creating the Five Voices group. It was a group that had a lot of fun, we laughed and reveled as well as think and resonate with systemic thinking. We decided to continue on our own, every year a meeting in a different city, rotating – Brussels, Rome, Paris, Neuchâtel, Barcelona. Marco Vannotti, aware that Neuchâtel is quite boring, proposed Milan, where he also worked. We organized a seminar open to the public every year, the aim was to exchange systemic ideas and also to raise some liquidity to spend on entertainment and things to do together, such as the opera or a good meal. Carlos Slusky invited himself: “I heard that you organized these circular events. Can I participate?” We welcomed him with open arms.

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