List of EFTA Conversations and Research Cafés

Here is the LIST of conversations and Research Cafés we have already organized. If you have wishes or want to participate presenting, please let us know.


03.03.23    Laura Fruggeri, Chairperson: Umberta Telfener 

25.05.23    Cecilia Edelstein, Young Adults, Mental health and Inclusion – YAMI an European project; Chairperson: Umberta Telfener

22.06.23    Martine Nisse, Système incestueux. Chairperson Viola Sallay (in english)

14.09.23   Federico Ferrari, LGBTQ+ parent families: specific clinical issues for families like any other; Chairperson: Umberta Telfener

26.10.23   RESEARCH CAFE, Matthias Ochs, Some interesting (and maybe (a little bit) frustrating) news from psychotherapy research – and what they could mean for systemic work.

16.11.23   Frosso Moureli, We invent, we act or we die; Chairperson: Vassilis Charalambopoulos

07.12.23   RESEARCH CAFE, Viola Sallay, Experience mapping / emotional mapping in systemic qualitative research

11.01.24    Martine Nisse, Systèmes incestueux; Présidente: Viola Sallay  (EN FRANCAIS)

18.01.24    Kyriaki Polichroni, Working with/in Vulnerable Emotions in Couple and Family Therapy: a demonstration; Chairperson: Joana Sequeira

01.02.24    RESEARCH CAFE, Lucie Hornova, Systemic Practitioner Research

15.02.24    Federico Ferrari, Familles avec parents LGBTQ+: des problèmes cliniques spécifiques pour des familles comme les autres. Présidente: Myriam Cassen (EN FRANCAIS)

29.02.24     Abbas M. Makké, Rony Abou Daher, History and Geography of the Analytico-Systemic Model – an EFTA Conversation with Prof. A. Makké.  Chairperson: Umberta Telfener

14.03.24     Ivy Daure & Maria Borcsa, Mobilités, Migrations: repenser l’approche systémique à l’heure de la mondialisation; Présidente: Martine Nisse (EN FRANCAIS)

04.04.24     Vassilis Charalambopoulos, On systemic group therapy; Chairperson: Hans Christian Michaelsen

11.04.24      Myriam CassenThérapie familiale intégrative : Comment soigner les troubles de l’attachement et les psycho-traumas. Présidente: Marie-Jeanne Schon (EN FRANCAIS)

18.04.24     RESEARCH CAFE, Joana SequeiraNarrative transformations in therapy: contributions from therapeutic process research

09.05.24      Judith Kellner Understanding Intergenerational Collective Trauma when it is in the couple’s therapist treatment room. Chairperson: Martine Nisse

13.06.24     RESEARCH CAFE, Peter Stratton & Alan Carr, SCORE for Couples

20.06.24     Lucie Hornova, Psychosomatic symptoms-a skiful coach for better communication. A new conversation about an old topic.

12.09.24     Monica White,  Chairperson: Hans Christian Michaelsen 

Oct. 2024    Post war intervention (tentative) Chairperson:  Lucie Hornova 

Nov. 2024   Valeria Ugazio: Eating disorders and self harming during adolescence: when family therapy is not enough.

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