EFTA Conversation: History and geography of the analytico-systemic model – A Conversation with Prof A. Makké

29 February 18:00 CET

Rony Abou Daher will be introducing the conversation by sharing a general overview on challenges and opportunities of working in an environment of constant political, financial, social and cultural turmoil. Rony will raise questions regarding most common clinical requests in the Arab countries and open the conversation on generalisation and particularities in psychotherapy, refugees and displaced, resilience and denial as survival mechanisms, the price of integration and the fight for identity, accessibility to mental health services and the role of good governance.

Prof. Abbas Makké will highlight important elements of the constant conflict between geography and history of the “old continents” forging identities and symptoms in populations. Based in Beirut with more than 40 years of exhaustive experience in the region of the middle-east, Makké will be sharing his expertise and clinical findings and will elaborate on the eastern and western cultural, philosophical and scientific routes of his Analytico-Systemic Model emerging from the “symptoms’ formation mechanism”. Makké will also discuss questions on “societal drifts” due to displacement, refugee crisis and the emigration of the rich between acculturation and integration difficulties.

Abbas Makké is a Professor of fundamental psychopathology who specializes in clinical psychology, systemic therapy and Psychoanalysis. He is a psychotherapist and vice-president of the World Council for Psychotherapy (WCP) – He is president and founder of TABYEEN International and a member of the Lebanese Order of Psychologists. He has written several books and articles in this field (in Arabic and French). His writings are based on diagrams that seek to link clinical facts to scientific concepts.
Rony Abou Daher London based practitioner, is a clinical psychologist and an MHPSS consultant, who specialises in psychotherapy and mental health emergency response programming. Trained at Tabyeen center, IEFSH – Brussels and Columbia University, Abou Daher believes in human’s natural ability to recover and prosper, and considers the role of therapist to be a facilitator of the creation of a psychological “NTP” (Normal Temperature and Pressure) that allows this natural recovery process to occur.

Chairperson: Umberta Telfener


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