Alfredo Canevaro

(1938) Psychiatrist and psychotherapist. Founder of the “Review Terapia Familiar” in Argentina

(1938) Psychiatrist and psychotherapist. Founder of the “Review Terapia Familiar” in Argentina; Director from 1978 to 1993. First President of the Sociedad Argentina de Terapia Familiar (1978-1983). He then arrived in Italy. Since 1999, he is on the staff of the School of Psychotherapy “Mara Selvini” in Milano. Among his many interests is multiple family therapy.

Matteo Selvini: He arrived in Italy in 1988, looking for a stable and secure life for his four children, leaving a prestigious career and an excellent reputation in Buenos Ayres. He went to live in Macerata, his wife’s country of origin. A truly difficult leap from a cosmopolitan metropolis to the Italian province!
My mom knew him well, Alfredo had invited her to Argentina years before, she admired him very much as a professional and also as a man, she called him “el’ hidalgo“. It therefore became natural to invite him to collaborate with us in Milan.
Precisely at the end of the nineties, Mara gradually retired and Alfredo took her place, as our mentor and adviser. And not only that, in the early 2000s a large number of our colleagues and students entered therapy with him. We lived precisely the experience of the enlargement to significant family members, we lived this experience through the students and this convinced us to introduce the multifamily in the personal training path (genogram) of our school. An experience that has continued to excite us for seventeen years!

Yara Doumit-Naufal: During a conference, Alfredo Canevaro led a workshop focused on intimacy in couples, presenting a typical situation from his therapies. He needed volunteers for a modeling exercise, and naively, I offered myself. He then chose a man to join me. After some explanations, I realized what was in store for me.
We sat face to face, our knees touching, and remained looking at each other in silence, hand in hand, for a long while. Then, with our eyes closed, we began to explore each other’s face: the forehead, hair, neck, ears, cheeks, nose, returning to the forehead, then back to the hair…
That moment seemed endless, under the gaze of dozens of people. The debriefing that followed was intense. The next day, on the second day of the conference, upon seeing the man who had been my partner in the exercise, I instinctively changed my path.

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