Results of the first ICT survey

Digital Systemic Practices in Europe: a Survey before the Covid-19 Pandemic

Knowledge regarding digital practices in the field of systemic therapy is poor. A few surveys have been conducted in non‐European countries investigating the provision of digitally based therapy, counselling, training, and supervision by systemic family and couple therapists (SCFTs). Thus, a survey aiming to investigate the use of information and communication technology (ICT) among European SCFTs was launched in 2017. A sample of 220 SCFTs was included in the survey. The majority were residents in Greece, France and Italy. Descriptive analysis compared SCFTs’ digital practices and concerns from the above three countries with those from the rest of Europe. Results showed that 81.4 per cent of European SCFTs used ICT for clinical purposes and 47.7 per cent in training and supervision. Main concerns among European SCFTs related to the quality of therapeutic relationship, ethical and legal issues, and a lack of national and transnational regulation.

Read the results in the Journal of Family Therapy (in open access)

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