The healing powers of systems: individual, family, society - October 7-8, Lviv, Ukraine

The conference will be held in a mixed format with the possibility of in-person and online participation.


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26th October 18h-20h

Matthias Ochs
“Some interesting (and maybe (a little bit) frustrating) news from psychotherapy research – and what they could meant for systemic work”

“EFTA Research Online Café” – what is THAT?!

The EFTA Research Committee (Nevena Calovska (Serbia), Lucie Hornová (Czech Republic), Matthias Ochs (Germany, chair) Viola Sallay (Hungary), Joana Sequeira (Portugal)) wants to invite the EFTA community and all interested systemic practitioners and researchers to the first EFTA Research Online Café – and to start that new format, that will happen every two month, alternating with our wonderful EFTA conversations format!

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Hello to everybody, I am Umberta Telfener, the new President of EFTA.

I am very honored to have received this assignment which I personally care very much about.

I am in EFTA since 1991, first as an individual and from 2010 representing the Milan Institute of Family Therapy (Luigi Boscolo and Gianfranco Cecchin). I become a member of the TIC Board in 2016 and from November 2020 I was its Chair. Now I will act as your President and intend to do my very best.

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Answer the Questionnaire to develop an overview of systemic research activities in Europe

We want to invite you to support us as Research Committee of EFTA to develop an overview of systemic research activities in Europe by answering that QUESTIONNAIRE – and also spread it to colleagues.

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ATTENTION, ATTENTION. Some hackers use very plausible emails to pretend to be me and ask you for help and money. This is a serious and frequent phenomenon.

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