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Risposta EFTA alla pandemia mondiale di Covid-19

La respuesta del EFTA a la pandemia mundial de Covid-19

Reaktion der EFTA auf die Weltpandemie Covid-19

Odgovor EFTA-e na svetsku pandemiju virusa Covid-19 

EFTA response to the world pandemic of Covid-19

The spread of covid-19 across our planet is unstoppable. The virus knows no borders and we have no immunity to it, we can slow its spread in the hopes that treatments and vaccines may be developed that will protect us in the future.  While we wait for this to happen, we have a choice, we can react with fear and suspicion to isolate and close in on ourselves, or we can find new ways to promote resilience and connectedness even while keeping our distance. While most of our clinics, universities and training institutes may be closed or closing for a period of time to slow the spread of the virus I urge you to connect in other ways. I will from today make the EFTA website available to our community, send us your stories, cartoons, comments and thoughts  and we will upload them to the EFTA website.

We know that this virus will impact on family life and we may lose many loved ones, friends and colleagues to it. We also know that children and young people are vectors and not victims of the virus, this will be especially difficult as they may have to distance from significant elder people in their lives. The elbow bump, ankle shake and hand on heart may be our new ways of greeting one another as will the use of information and communication technology to continue our work with family’s students and clients.

We all have to protect ourselves and our communities by following the advice of the World Health Organisation (W.H.O) and our individual governments. This virus may redefine for a time our sense of family and community but as my colleague Prof. Dr  Matthias Ochs mentions,  we know  from research that most families build family/social resilience out of crises/adversity. I hope that our EFTA community can build this as well.

On behalf of the EFTA board

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Pandemic Pages

Some suggestions for Optimizing and Continuing Training in a time of Crisis

EFTA Board and EFTA Training Standards subcommittee have decided that in these times of the Corona virus we have an important opportunity for sharing information on Training in Family Therapy. The current pandemic calls for EFTA to consider how best we can help our members and ourselves.

These brief points aim to initiate discussion and reflection on the developments and to facilitate to learn from each other across Institutes and countries.

We welcome and strongly encourage comments and proposals strengthening the EFTA voice during this crisis. Read more


EFTA and Coronavirus Crisis

The entire world and Europe especially, is currently experiencing a crisis caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic that is testing a set of essential systems in modern society:
Public Health as an intervention system, the group of Elderly People with many special characteristics and as an important risk group, the Economic and Social System that faces internal structural changes of great consequences in the immediate future, the Family System that faces a relationship game with confinement measures that tests internal relationships, allowing to discover not only the difficulties that already existed but also many resilient capacities that create new relational futures, the Education and Training Systems that open many new networks of group work, work with Populations at Risk of Exclusion and work situations with the Immigrant Population with workers who face with great dedication and creativity the day-to-day of emergencies, Protection Systems such as the Police and Firefighters who are become messengers and agents for the respect of the interventions ones programmed.

Facing the consequences at the Individual Psychological Level of the changes that are taking place and facing Grief as a reality in many particular situations, Research and reflection on the implementation of Intervention Programs and many other things.
When we find all these realities today we are talking about crises, systems, communication and relationships, individual group and psychological structures, families, research and training programs, etc.
To speak and confront all this is to gather the essentials of systemic-relational thinking and systemic family work.
We are talking about what is the heart of an association like ours, the EFTA which is also located in Europe: France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, Hungary, Croatia, Holland, Denmark, Poland, Serbia , Lithuania, Czechia, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, Norway, Sweden …

This is our reality in the present times, we are there and we must do it expressing our solidarity and closeness with those most affected and with those who are giving their all to face this crisis and we must also be able to open the paths of change that this crisis situation is generating. To do this, I would suggest that a letter of solidarity and closeness with those most affected by this situation could be present on our website and that Cim members could find a space where they can suggest ways of intervention for specific situations that could be collected and developed in a near future.

Crises allow us to discover capacities for change and this is essential in our association, at EFTA.

A big hug to everyone without risk of contagion.

Juan Antonio Abeijon
EFTA-CIM Board Member


AAMFT’s At Home series is a new free series featuring some of the most innovative systemic thinkers sharing their insights from past cases, developmental work in various specialties, and professional anecdotes and personal reflections – from the comfort of their own homes to you in yours. Never before has our profession faced such unique challenges and we hope you will join us as we reconnect in our most intimate settings around what makes systemic therapy so fundamental to today’s realities and tomorrow’s future.
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Call for expressions of interest

Borcsa, Maria & Pomini, Valeria (Eds.)(in prep.).
E-couple and family therapy (E-CFT): 
Digital systemic practices in therapy, supervision and training.
EFTA Book Series 7. Springer International 

The COVID-19 epidemic is rapidly changing the way systemic family and couple therapists are providing support and therapy according with the restrictive measures adopted in most European countries in the last weeks (“stay at home”).
Digital technologies are offering more than ever to individuals and families vital spaces of communication, information and sharing. 
We believe that it is important to share experiences and provide future guidelines to systemic practitioners how to respond to the needs of offering at distance support, therapy, supervision and training across European countries.

Please send your chapter proposals in the area of therapy, supervision or training to:  and 

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Welcome to the Homepage of EFTA

The European Family Therapy Association (EFTA) is an international association dedicated to scientific purposes.

EFTA was established in 1990 and has members from 29 European nations. It is a strictly non-profit making association.

EFTA’s members comprise currently of 29 national organizations (EFTA-NFTO), 108 training institutes (EFTA-TIC) and about 1100 individual members (EFTA-CIM).

The main goals leading us are:

  • Linking and coordinating European national organizations, institutes and individuals in the field of family therapy and systemic practice.
  • Promoting the highest level of competence and quality in practice, research, supervision and teaching in family therapy and allied fields.
  • Enhancing the training of systemic professionals and family therapists at regional, national and European levels by organizing and facilitating exchanges between individuals as well as professional centers.
  • Facilitating European co-operation and exchange of ideas and experience among associations, institutions and individuals concerning medical, legal, social, psychological, gender, cultural, economic, spiritual and other aspects of human experiences in relation to systemic thinking and practice.
  • Spreading information about family therapy and the systemic approaches throughout Europe to individuals, institutions and organizations concerned with the health and development of families and human systems.
  • Promoting research, conferences, publications, audio-visual tools and other scientific material in this field through meetings and all other appropriate communicational methods.
  • Enhancing the training of systemic professionals and family therapists at regional, national and European levels by organizing and facilitating exchanges between individuals, and professional centers.
  • Creating links with other organizations having common or compatible aims in and outside of Europe.

The activities for achieving the aims of the association are:

  • Regular international meetings, conferences and seminars
  • International congresses
  • Publication of a book series
  • Professional exchanges between family therapy centers, therapists in training and trainers from different European countries
  • Establishment of committees related to the aims of EFTA
  • Other activities as to advance the aims of the association

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